The Story 

An Israeli Jewish man experiencing heart failure turns to the organ black market as a last resort. As a result of his decision he crosses paths with a Palestinian inmate which leads him on a journey to the point of no return.



  • India, Pakistan, China, Bolivia Brazil, Iraq, Israel, the Republic of Moldova, Peru and Turkey are identified as the major organ-exporting countries in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organization).

  • According to a report by Organs Watch, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United States are the major organ-importing countries where patients going overseas to purchase organs for transplants.

  • In the US, over 100,000 people are on the waiting list to receive an organ (American Transplant Foundation). Every 12 minutes a new name is added to the list and an average of 21 people per day die due to a lack of organ availability.  Corneas, kidneys, liver, lung, intestines, bone marrow are the most common transplant needs.